NHBA CLE SEMINAR: Legal and Practical Tips for Conducting Good-Faith Investigations

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Legal and Practical Tips for Conducting Good-Faith Investigations into EEO and Harassment Claims

Please join Employment Practices Group Attorney Julie A. Moore & Attorney Marcie Vaughan at the National Business Institue’s Event on May 11th.

Employers are legally obligated to investigate harassment, discrimination, and retaliation claims in today’s workplace environment. What advice should you give clients about conducting investigations? Should you act as investigator? What guidelines should be followed? The law compels that prompt, thorough and impartial fact finding be conducted. In this seminar, the EEOC’s 2016 report on workplace harassment will be covered, as well as a legal update on avoiding claims of pretext and minimizing liability. This interactive session will include role plays and focus on how to conduct reasonable investigations, starting with choosing the right investigator, strategizing on where to start, gathering documents and other evidence, and conducting proper interviews. Making credibility determination.


Employment attorneys, corporate attorneys, civil litigators, human resource professionals, and business owners.

Julie A. Moore, Program Chair/CLE Committee Member, Employment Practices Group, Wellesley, MA
Heather M. Burns, Upton & Hat eld, LLP, Concord
Sue Ann Van Dermyden, Van Dermyden Maddux Law, Sacramento, CA Deborah Maddux, Van Dermyden Maddux Law, Sacramento, CA

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