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EPG delivers exceptional results through quality representation and skilled, proactive advocacy. With proven capabilities in the most sensitive matters, EPG provides superior counsel in high-stakes cases where experience and expertise matter.

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With more than 53 years of combined legal expertise, our consulting team provides Human Resources consulting, independent workplace investigations and expert witness testimony nationwide and comprehensive legal services in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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A wide range of employers and educational institutions benefit from our services. Clients include large and small private businesses and public sector employers, such as cities, towns, school districts and non-profit organizations. We also consult with individual employees seeking advice about workplace issues.

Recent Publications


Workplace romance: it’s complicated in #MeToo era

Publication: Yahoo News

“Whether it’s a consensual, personal romantic relationship or otherwise, there could be a breeding ground for sexual harassment,” she said.

This particularly comes into play when the relationship involves a supervisor and a subordinate.

“The CEO is the most powerful person in the organization,” Moore said. “When there is power, can someone really consent to a relationship?

“Because of the power disparity, one is going to look at whether there was true consent,” Moore said. “If not, (the subordinate) could easily say at some point that it was a violation of sexual harassment policy.”

Full Article on Yahoo News:

REI’s CEO and the era of zero tolerance: ‘Errors of judgment were made’

Publication: Washington Post

“Companies are expecting candor, and they’re expecting the highest degree of transparency from CEOs,” said Julie Moore, an employment lawyer whose firm, Employment Practices Group, investigates workplace misbehavior. “The boards I am dealing with are expecting C-suite executives to be beyond reproach, where they weren’t before. After 27 years of being an attorney, I’m seeing the threshold has dropped down very low” in terms of what boards will allow.”

Full Article on Washington Post:

Intel’s CEO Was Forced Out Over an Office Romance. Should It Have Been Allowed?

“The latest corporate bombshell—the resignation of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich due to a “past consensual relationship with an Intel employee,” contrary to the company’s non-fraternization policy—left some people scratching their heads. Should an employer really be the romance police?

The answer is yes—especially when employees in positions of power are at center stage.”

Full Article on Fortune:


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