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EPG provides expertise on current employment law and Human Resources best practices. With diverse knowledge and deep experience, we minimize your risk and facilitate effective solutions to workplace issues.

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EPG delivers exceptional results through quality representation and skilled, proactive advocacy. With proven capabilities in the most sensitive matters, EPG provides superior counsel in high-stakes cases where experience and expertise matter.

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With more than 53 years of combined legal expertise, our consulting team provides Human Resources consulting, independent workplace investigations and expert witness testimony nationwide and comprehensive legal services in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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A wide range of employers and educational institutions benefit from our services. Clients include large and small private businesses and public sector employers, such as cities, towns, school districts and non-profit organizations. We also consult with individual employees seeking advice about workplace issues.

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Intel’s CEO Was Forced Out Over an Office Romance. Should It Have Been Allowed?

“The latest corporate bombshell—the resignation of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich due to a “past consensual relationship with an Intel employee,” contrary to the company’s non-fraternization policy—left some people scratching their heads. Should an employer really be the romance police?

The answer is yes—especially when employees in positions of power are at center stage.”

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Why Some Sexual Harassers Get Fired—And Some Don’t

“Powerful men—like NBC’s Today host Matt Lauer—have dropped like flies in recent weeks amid a barrage of salacious sexual misconduct allegations. We stand at the precipice of a cultural watershed. Change is inevitable. But will it be change for the better? Self-righteous indignation at the alleged wrongs of those who hold the levers of power can be a delicious indulgence. But a meaningful cultural shift will elude us if we rush to judgment.”

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Sexual Predators Love Exploiting This Shady Legal Tactic

“Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long campaign of sexual predation—with the newest allegations of assault coming from actress Dominique Huett and Weinstein’s former production assistant Mimi Haleyi—reveals that secrets are often deployed by the powerful as a tool to maintain control. The blanket use of confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in contracts addressing sexual harassment claims has created a culture of secrecy, permitting perpetrators to muzzle their victims and to continue engaging in misconduct. At its heart, the Weinstein scandal is a cautionary tale illustrating that the irresponsible use of NDAs renders corporate leadership complicit in a pattern of egregious misconduct…”

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