Expert Testimony

The founder of Employment Practices Group, Attorney Julie A. Moore, is frequently retained to serve as an expert witness in employer-employee relations cases in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and nationwide.

Benefitting from the Testimony of an Expert Witness

The use of expert witness testimony is becoming increasingly the norm in employment litigation cases today. Since 2000, Julie Moore has been retained as an expert witness in over 40 matters, both by employers and employees, offering opinions related to a variety of issues, including:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Internal investigations
  • Preventative measures to avoid harassment
  • Performance management and disciplinary matters
  • Reductions in force
  • Terminating employees
  • Leaves of absence such as the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Disability accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Maintaining, enforcing and communicating internal policies and procedures
  • Privacy issues
  • Hiring
  • Background checks

Expert Testimony Highlights

Julie’s testimony regarding industry standards in conducting an internal investigation, including remedial and corrective measures at the conclusion of an investigation, helped a jury reach a $7.3 million verdict in Peter Redman’s favor in the matter Peter Redman v. Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer & Nelson, P.A. et al, Cumberland County (Maine) Business and Consumer Court, BCD-CV-09-07 (June 2010). This Portland Press article provides additional details about the case.

During the same week in June, 2010, Julie testified about reasonable practices in terminations and layoffs in the matter Karen Pepin v. PC Connection and GovConnection, Merrimack County Superior Court (Business Court/New Hampshire), 217-2010-CV-5010. A jury concluded that the employer discriminated against Karen Pepin on the basis of pregnancy and/or her gender and retaliated against her for complaining of discriminatory treatment. She was awarded $67,903 in back pay, $160, 000 in compensatory damages, $50,000 in enhanced compensatory damages, plus front pay, attorney’s fees, and costs.

In another New Hampshire case, Estate of Cheryl Sweeney v. Allard Nazarian Group, Inc. d/b/a Granite State Manufacturing, Hillsborough County Superior Court (Northern District) 02-C-843 (November 2005), Julie testified on a variety of employment practices, including the employer’s policies, FMLA leave, and ADA accommodation. At the conclusion of a ten-day trial, the jury returned a$480,000 verdict to the plaintiff.

Finally, Julie testified in what is believed to be the first case in Massachusetts involving testimony from an employment practices expert, which resulted in a $2 million verdict against Wal-Mart. In Cynthia Haddad v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Berkshire County Superior Court (Massachusetts), 05-274 (June 2007), Julie rendered opinions on Wal-Mart’s policies and practices and how they contributed to the gender discrimination that culminated in Cynthia Haddad’s termination. In 2009, the Supreme Judicial court upheld the verdict in this precedent setting case. See decision.

Admissibility of Expert Testimony

For your convenience, here we provide several court orders on the admissibility of Julie’s  expert witness testimony on a variety of matters:

Strengthen Your Case with Experienced, Knowledgeable Expert Testimony

EPG understands how to effectively and efficiently evaluate and render opinions regarding employer-employee relations issues. If you are involved in employment litigation, and need a knowledgeable attorney/Human Resources consultant to serve as an expert witness in your case, please contact Employment Practices Group.

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“There are times in some people’s life’s in which they get lambasted. With my situation, when I knew that help was needed, it was not easy to explain myself to many extraordinarily educated professionals. After months, if not years, the attorney who represented me and my company, John Campbell called me unexpectedly. When we spoke, I knew for the first time what a tremendously unique situation that had been executed against me. Thinking back upon this phone call, after over 30 years in the human resource business in the company which my parents began in 1950, there was no one who could intellectually comprehend the hundreds of documents that my wife and I had investigated, researched and placed in boxes and boxes. It was Julie Moore who had the expertise and, with profound vision, explained to me in vivid detail exactly what had transpired against me. Julie was far beyond the great Harvard attorneys who I had hired in the past. Julie was so filled with detailed facts and conviction that she always far and above all others in her professionalism, credibility, compassion, detail and sincerity. With Julie’s testimony, she led me and my attorney to victory in my lawsuit. Julie was a god send to me and my wife.”

With the uttermost gratitude,

Peter Redman

** Note Peter Redman was the former president of a company who had been accused of sexual harassment, and she testified about industry standards associated with conducting an internal investigation. The jury, in the Business and Consumer Court in Cumberland County, Maine, awarded a record $7.3 million in his favor.

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