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Employment Practices Group (EPG) offers comprehensive, interactive, and customized education and training workshops to employers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and elsewhere.

Expertise in Employer Education & Training

EPG is a valuable resource to be utilized by employers of any size concerned about the laws and regulations pertaining to sexual harassment, discrimination, and employer-employee relations. Our workplace training programs provide employers with the skills and guidance to identify, assess, and resolve both commonly recurring and unexpected problems that arise in the workplace, and also provide management with an orientation in the ever-changing legal landscape of employment law. The issues we cover include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexual harassment and unlawful harassment
  • Conducting internal investigations
  • Managing leaves of absence, including under the ADA and FMLA
  • Workplace violence
  • Diversity
  • Transgender diversity
  • Hiring
  • Termination
  • One-on-one sensitivity training

As with many other areas in the business environment, a modest investment by an employer in educating its workforce can yield tremendous future savings, increased  productivity, improved employee morale and loyalty, and a greater opportunity to focus on the organization’s goals and objectives. Additional benefits of hiring EPG to conduct your training include:

  • EPG custom designs its training and education programs. Each program is tailored to the needs of the individual organization based upon the nature of its industry and its specific workplace policies, concerns, and culture.
  • EPG can provide training and conduct workshops on selected modules to respond to particular concerns, or provide a complete and comprehensive program for your company.
  • EPG designs its seminars and prevention programs by providing practical guidance and strategies to reduce employers’ exposure to employee complaints, charges, and lawsuits using a cost-effective, flexible, and results-oriented approach.
  • EPG’s programs are intended to minimize an employer’s need to invest substantial management time and resources in dealing with legal problems.

Preventative Training & Performance Management

Over the past decade, courts have emphatically communicated that an employer is obligated to take “reasonable steps” to prevent workplace harassment and make “good faith efforts” to comply with all anti-discrimination laws. Conducting effective harassment and discrimination prevention training is a critical component of an employer’s reasonable efforts to prevent harassment and discrimination from occurring. In fact, several states, including California, Maine, and Connecticut, have laws that mandate some or all employers to provide harassment prevention training. This standard is quickly becoming a trend throughout the country. Further, when an employer takes proactive measures to prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace, the employer may raise such efforts as an affirmative defense against harassment and discrimination liability and may avoid a punitive damages award.

In addition to training relating to the prevention of harassment and discrimination, employer education should extend to all aspects of the employer-employee relationship from recruiting and compliance with leave laws to performance management. Management should also be educated in the basics of employment law to enable managers to identify and address workplace issues, such as responding to an employee’s request for a reasonable accommodation, in a legally-sound and effective manner. Management should also be trained in performance management and coaching to motivate employees to be successful.

Invest in Effective Employer Education & Training

EPG’s education and training workshops reduce the risk of costly litigation, decrease absenteeism, tardiness and employee turnover, and increases management’s effectiveness, company productivity, and morale. If your organization is in need of employer education and training services, please contact Employment Practices Group for a consultation.

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“Let me begin by stating that the Harassment Prevention Training at Interleukin Genetics was outstanding, by far the best training I’ve ever attended in the 35+ years I have been working.”

Annette Macaudda
HR Associate, Interleuken Genetics

“I remain utterly impressed by your completing two marathons within a week but I must say your Massachusetts Bar Association presentation surpassed that feat in grandeur. Cathy Reuben and I would like to again thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the MBA Labor and Employment conference. Your presentation on issues involving electronic media and modern technology was, as usual, very well received.”

David E. Belfort, Esquire
Bennett & Belfort P.C., Cambridge, MA

“The value of the training provided by Julie Moore was immeasurable. The staff of EPG is professional, articulate and provided us with concise and up-to-date training in areas of sexual harassment, bullying, and what to be aware of related to electronic communications and social networking sites in our interactions with students.”

Priscilla Parisien, President
New Hampshire-Jobs for America’s Graduates, Manchester, NH

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