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Our proactive approach to solving workplace issues helps you implement effective solutions that minimize risk to your organization.

Founded in 1998 by Attorney Julie A. Moore, Employment Practices Group (EPG) provides legal and Human Resources consulting services to employers and employees in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and works with attorneys across the country to assist their clients on workplace matters. EPG conducts internal investigations for organizations when a complaint of misconduct, such as harassment, arises. EPG also provides expert testimony about employment practices in litigation matters nationwide.

EPG’s consulting team also offers comprehensive risk management education & training, general employment advice & counsel, and assistance with .

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Our Attorneys

  • Julie A. Moore Founder, Employment Law Attorney

    Julie is an employment attorney and Human Resources consultant. She specializes in workplace investigations, training on harassment prevention and other issues, policy development and drafting employee handbooks, counseling on employer-employee issues, and providing expert witness testimony on workplace issues. She also works with educational institutions on Title IX compliance and investigating sexual misconduct complaints.

  • Donna Ryan Moore Employment Law Attorney

    Donna Ryan Moore is an attorney admitted to practice law in Massachusetts since 1995. She has over fifteen (15) of experience consulting with clients on workplace issues including harassment and other forms of employment discrimination, ADA, and FMLA; conducting third-party investigations into incidents of alleged discrimination and other misconduct; and specializes in employee wellness matters, and is a corporate wellness consultant/coach and certified whole health educator.

  • Marcie Vaughan Employment Law Attorney

    Marcie has joined EPG over five years ago and advises corporations, municipalities, and individuals on a broad spectrum of issues including employee discipline, leaves of absence, reasonable accommodations, policy development, and handbook implementation. As a seasoned appellate advocate and former judicial law clerk, Marcie understands how to persuasively articulate her client’s positions before administrative tribunals as well as in state and federal courts.

Client Testimonials

  • “I gained great respect for Julie’s abilities, common sense approach, and good judgment. I find her to be an extremely seasoned investigator who understands the issues, is devoted to the mission of finding the facts, and understands the business climate and the need for practical solutions and appropriate remedial or corrective action at the end of an investigation.”

    JILL E. JACHERA Morgan Lewis
  • "I wanted to express how wonderful I thought the seminar was conducted. I thought you were absolutely amazing – knowledgeable, poised, confident, all around an excellent presenter who related extremely well to the audience, provided relevant and interactive examples and facilitated constructive discussions."

    Melissa M. Zerek
    Melissa M. Zerek Regional Human Resources Manager, Quebecor World/Lorman Education Services
  • "I am corporate counsel to a large organization in New Hampshire, which consists of multiple locations, led by an Executive Director and overseen by a Board of Trustees. At my direction, the organization retained Julie Moore to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations and provide advice and counsel to the Board following the investigation. This was a particularly sensitive matter, as the Executive Director was a prominent member of the community, and he enjoyed a solid reputation in the industry. The stakes were high. Julie handled the matter with the highest degree of discretion, sensitivity and competence. The investigation spanned 6 months, and Julie generated a 100+ page report of all the factual findings. Julie was able to distill and analyze the claims that were raised and recommend changes in the scope of the investigation as new facts became known. I was particularly impressed with this insight, as we trusted Julie to guide through the myriad of serious allegations that threatened the livelihood of the organization."

    Jeanne Saffan, Esquire
    Jeanne Saffan, Esquire Upton & Hatfield, Concord, NH
  • "I remain utterly impressed by your completing two marathons within a week but I must say your Massachusetts Bar Association presentation surpassed that feat in grandeur. Cathy Reuben and I would like to again thank you for your enthusiastic participation in the MBA Labor and Employment conference. Your presentation on issues involving electronic media and modern technology was, as usual, very well received."

    David E. Belfort, Esquire
    David E. Belfort, Esquire Bennett & Belfort P.C., Cambridge, MA
  • "Julie Moore is uniquely qualified and situated to assist companies with their internal investigation needs. Ms. Moore demonstrates a strong working knowledge of the employment law area, which I believe is of significant benefit as it allows her to identify important facts and issues from both a legal and operational perspective. Her experience as a litigator enables her to understand the importance of a thorough and properly documented investigation. My experience with Julie Moore tells me that she is diligent, persevering, responsive and articulate. She seems unafraid to reach factual conclusions in investigations, and I have felt comfortable with her conclusions that I have read, as they were based upon findings of fact, as opposed to speculation or instinct."

    Kathryn M. Murphy, Esquire
    Kathryn M. Murphy, Esquire Murphy, Hesse, Toomey & Lehane, Quincy, MA
  • The presentations and delivery were well-prepared, organized, and expertly assembled. This is exactly the kind of professionalism public companies need as an integral part of their training programs.

    Robert E. McDaniel, Esquire
    Robert E. McDaniel, Esquire Senior Vice President and General Counsel, The IGI Companies, Buena, New Jersey
  • "As Chairman of the Educational Committee for the Apartment Association of New Hampshire, I met Julie Moore briefly as a guest speaker for one of our quarterly breakfasts. Julie impressed our group so much that we asked her back to teach an entire segment on sexual harassment. She takes learning to a whole new level. I’ve attended past classes that really just bore you or only dictate company policies. Julie’s class is nothing like that. She gets the attendees involved and shares examples of what can and will happen. We strongly recommend Julie’s program to anyone who has employees under their supervision. Her insight and experiences are truly an eye opener. In today's day and age you cannot afford not to.I have found Attorney Moore to be highly capable. She conducted thorough investigations for the Town of Natick and City of Springfield in an independent, thoughtful manner. She is tough but empathetic, a valuable combination when conducting her work. Attorney Moore's investigative findings have been clear, detailed and concise. Public sector organizations are highly regulated and subject to significant scrutiny. Attorney Moore's investigations maintained complete confidentiality and provided executive leadership with the information required to make appropriate decisions in both Natick and Springfield."" 

    Stephen P. Lisauskas
    Stephen P. Lisauskas Executive Director, Springfield Finance Control Board
  • "Your presentation at the Horse Power Pre-Conference Workshop on all the legal parts to running a business was truly wonderful. You really did a masterful job and kept us energized along the way . . .You did such a great job and offered so much material on a difficult subject! You really make it real, down to earth, and helpful. Keep up the excellent work, and know that all of us at Horse Power are most appreciative and thankful for all that you added to the Conference."

    Isabel (Boo) McDaniel, M. Ed.
    Isabel (Boo) McDaniel, M. Ed. Executive Director, Horse Power at Pony Farm
  • On behalf of the MASPA Executive Board, we are very grateful for your spending the day with us last Friday and for sharing your expertise in conducting workplace investigations.  The members overwhelmingly appreciated the workshop and learned a great deal.  Several shared,Through; in-depth; great suggestions from presenter.Great content - even for a person who's taken MCAD training course and a practicing employment lawyer.Excellent presentation with an informed presenter.Was an expert in her field.Great organization, "war" stories, and information.Julie was very entertaining and an overall great presenter.Julie is one of the best speakers I have ever seen.  She was engaging and kept everyone's attention.Loved the role play.A worthy topic that was well presented.The day didn't feel nearly as long as it was and I attribute that to the presenter's skills.  She also paced well and adjusted her content as needed so that the end really felt like the end and not a mad rush to wrap up.The quotes certainly speak for themselves!  The members and Board are very grateful for your time and expertise, and offer our heartfelt thanks.Best wishes,Tom

    Thomas F. Campbell, Ed.D.
    Thomas F. Campbell, Ed.D. Director of Human Resources, Needham Public Schools

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